The Way to Love is to Love

A friend of mine said, “The way to love is to love.”

The way to love. Just think about that. The way to love. Do you really think there is a way to love? There are endless books written about how to love, or how to get to love. Endless theories and talks and classes and coaches. Even witch doctors have a thing or two to say about how to love.

Love is not the label of “relationship” finally bestowed upon a connection.

If we are trying so hard to love properly, then we likely have missed the point entirely. One cannot follow an instruction manual, a map, or even another person’s advice when it comes to loving. Rather, one must actually feel. Feel what love is. Look closely and see what love is not. Love is not an agenda we make. Love is not claiming another. Love is not achieving some end result—marriage, children, mortgage… Love is not properly completing a series of steps. Love is not the label of “relationship” finally bestowed upon a connection.

Love looks different everywhere it is. Loving does not discriminate. Loving doesn’t stop itself because of age or gender or appearance or social acceptability. Love is bigger than such logistics.

I won’t attempt to explain what love is, but I will say trust yourself when it comes to love. Trust the vastness of your own heart. Trust the potency of the human capacity for connection. Love doesn’t do anything. Love just is.

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